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Node v12 or later

1. Template/Download/Clone#

Generate from Template
You must be logged into GitHub to generate from the template

Click To Download

Clone the Repository
git clone

2. Install Dependancies#

Open up the terminal of your choice and navigate to the directory of the project.


npm i --prod


npm i

3. Create Discord Developer Application#


Never share your discord token with anyone, it can and most likely will me used maliciously

Go to the Discord Developer Portal and create a new application

Enter a name for your application, and then click on the "bot" tab on the sidebar.

Click the Add Bot button, and then confirm the pop-up on your screen.

Configure the bot to your liking.

4. Invite To Your Server#

Invite the bot to the server of your choice, you can do this with the bots OAuth2 link.

5. Configuration#

Open up your terminal and navigate to the install directory and run the following

npm run config

You will then be guided through configuring the bot, if you need to change a value at any time, you can run the same command again

6. Launching#

You should now be ready to launch the bot and get it online.

To do this, simply run the following

node .

You will see the following all of the bots commands being loaded. If everything goes successfully, the console should output

✅ Authenticated: BotName#0000 @ DATE

Common Issues & Fixes#

How do I host this on Glitch/Replit/Heroku?#

No guides or support is offered for setting this up on those services, although it should be pretty self-explainatory. Remember that free hosting services are not the best choice for discord bots.

"The bot isn't responding to the prefix I gave it"#

The most common cause of this is empty spacing before or after the prefix in the .env file; if this is not the cause and you have tried multiple prefixes, please open an issue here.

"The bot won't respond to developer commands"#

In order for the bot to respond to your developer commands; you must give it your discord ID, this is not the same as your discord username. For more information about discord IDs, check here.

"The bots custom presence isn't changing from online"#

If the bots Status (the indicator on its profile) isn't updating, this is most likely because it hasn't been given enough time to update, please allow 5 minutes after restarting the bot for it to take effect.

"The bots activity/status isn't changing"#

You have either entered a status that is too long for discord, given it an invalid activity type or not enabled custom activity in the config.